Path Of Exile Do Not Have Mainstreamed Skill Trees

As is common in action RPGs, players roam the game world slaying monsters and collecting experience points and randomly generated treasures to become even stronger. The skill system of Path of Exile is very complex and allows a detailed adaptation of the character. The Diablo-like Path of Exile is free and subscription fees are not applicable.

If you don't like many of Diablo III's changes to its aesthetic or streamlined character skill trees, then Path of Exile could be your logical alternative choice. 

Instead of having mainstreamed skill trees, PoE boasts a robust and very deep skill web that allows any character to do an almost infinite number of different builds for any class and the art style and persona of PoE simply feels like it went where you may initially expected Diablo III to go, but did not. 

The skill web in Path of Exile is generalized to every character class and has literally hundreds of passive abilities that every class can reach. The only thing that differentiates one class from the next is where they start on this giant talent web. All of the skills on the web are passive abilities, but they add great depth to your character's build. Click here to buy PoE orbs...

It's the Skill Gems that give your character their actual utility talents, they don't come from a tree or point allocation. Gems drop like any other piece of loot or are given as quest rewards. As long as you meet the gem's requirements and have an open-socket in your gear that matches the same color as the gem itself, then you can use that ability. So, your Templar was able to 'raise zombie' if you have an open blue socket, or he could do 'whirling blades' if your character met the dexterity requirements and equipped two one-handed swords.

The skill web in combination with the skill gems makes for an extremely flexible character creation system. It reminded me a bit of the Guild Wars of Diablo. Seriously, you can do anything you can think of with the points and skill gems allotted to create your character.