Path Of Exile: War For The Atlas Arrives On Xbox One

Path of Exiles is one of the games available for free in the Xbox Store, which brings an Action RPG proposal in the style of games like Diablo. After several weeks of waiting, the release date of its War of the Atlas expansion, which will send a great amount of content, has finally been announced. Some content that comes in the form of a new campaign that expands the Path of Exile proposal, and that finally arrives today, December 18.

With War of the Atlas new quests that belong to new adventures will be made available. Among these, we find The Queen of the Sands, which can be done after completing Act 9. On the other hand, The Book of Skill, which will be accessed after completing The Storm Blade. These will include up to 32 new maps, with new bosses and enemies, 48 new items, rare weapons, which can be obtained as rewards upon completing these missions.

Path of Exile is a magnificent action RPG proposal, endorsed by its success in PC and offers a great adventure at a reduced price. In addition, it is one of those games that offers support for the power of Xbox One X, looking much more spectacular. Being a Free to Play game, it will not be hard for you to give an opportunity to one of the most ambitious proposals that has arrived this year. If you are a fan of games like Diablo, it is one of the games that you should not leave aside.

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