Brief Presentation Of Path Of Exile

With gameplay very similar to games like Diablo, Path of Exile does not bring great news to the ARPG style.

Path of Exile is an action RPG in the Diablo 3 style set in a dark world of medieval fantasy. The game is free and tries to follow a new trend called "micro ethical transactions" which basically means you will not have to pay to be good in the game.

In Path of Exile, the player controls a single character in an isometric perspective and must explore various types of terrain (from forests to dungeons and caves), facing monsters and fulfilling quests to the many NPCs in the game. All areas except the main hub are always random to keep the atmosphere of surprise in every match.

As is common in this type of game, each downed enemy or open chest has the percentage chance of leaving a certain item, which in turn also has its attributes and openings for runes randomized by the game. The goal of Path of Exile, like almost all games of the same genre, is to accumulate treasures and equipment to make your character stronger.

The Story

The narrative of a game like Path of Exile is irrelevant, because the developers do not seem interested in telling anything interesting. At the same time that no player buying this game seems interested in the story, but because of its gameplay.

Basically your character wakes up on the coast of Wraeclast, a remote continent that served as a prison for criminals and other unwanted individuals. Now he must face an endless horde of monsters in addition to the wild nature of the place and explore the ruins of a cursed temple alongside other players if he wishes to survive.


If you have played Diablo you will feel at home with Path of Exile, since the game works exactly like all current action RPGs. Your character goes through dungeons, rises level, uses skills and varied powers and above all collects equipment.

At the start of a match, players must choose from six classes that are divided into specialization of certain attributes. The last class, Scion, is only released after the end of the game and it has synergy with any of the three main attributes. None of the classes blocks the use of any feature of the game, although certain skills will be cheaper for those who have affinity with their respective attributes.

The great differential of this title lies in the functioning of its progression, which is almost entirely based on items. Instead of gaining new abilities and powers as you level up, they are directly tied to the gems you find, so you can find a gem that gives you the ability to drop fireballs, or heal.

Usually you find them through the spoils of the game, and you can put them into the various items you are using to gain their respective powers. A glove like a healing gem, or a bow that shoots lightning bolts, any kind of combination is possible. Each of the gems also rises to level with you, gradually increasing your power.

Another major difference in progression is the different types of passive skills available when you level up. These are things like an increase in your defense, or more damage with swords. This is certainly the most complex and gigantic system created for a game of this genre, with thousands of options available to each player.


Visually Path of Exile can be considered at most as competent, but in the end, is well below the other games of its kind as Diablo and Torchlight. Most of the visual elements are not very original and do not stand out in particular. The visuals are neither the most realistic nor the most creative or interesting in terms of concepts, making everything a bit bland.

The sound of Path of Exile also shows no great prominence. The melodies are good and match the theme of the game, though they may become a bit repetitive after many hours of griding in the same dungeon.


Path of Exile does not bring many innovations to the old Diablo-based action RPG formula. Having as great differentials only his system of progress and the fact of being free. For fans of the genre, it will be a full plate where it is possible to spend many hours of fun looking for the best items, but it may seem like a waste of time for those who do not like this kind of gameplay.

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